Plus Size Winter Coats

In my childhood I used to have a na´ve dream of living my own life, unaffected by people's ideas, principles and customs. I dreamt of finding out what happiness really was and why we are made to believe that we must live in such a particular way the society considers appropriate. Later in my teenage years I got that it's not for me to decide what society tells us but I still may choose my own road. So I never cared what everybody said or thought. I have never pushed people to do something neither. But I must say that this plus size womens winter coats I bought on leathernote.comis cool. After all, we all need to buy clothes, why not give a piece of advice to people, knowing that a particular piece is of better quality than others?
Tim Poulsky

Nature is part of our lives. But we are part of nature as well. It implies that we should be more careful with our resources. On a large scale an average person cannot change anything in the world. But we can at least consume less, buying less items and clothes. That is possible, however, only if the things we buy are of high quality. So we must know for sure what to buy. I buy only those clothes that will definitely wear well. I found this plus size winter coats on It is as good as may be. Such things can help us to preserve our planet in its present state.
Jack Griffin

When you grew on the streets it's impossible to be an ordinary citizen of your country. You know that for all the state cares you might as well die of hunger somewhere in the gutter. You have to get that early in your life so as not to be overrun by cruel obstacles. That's just why I never cared about anybody but people, whom I value. I had a homie who always backed me up when stuff happened. Now we live far from each other. We stay in touch but I miss him as his was like a brother to me. Or even more than just that. When I last saw him he gave me plus size winter coat he bought on It is more than a reminder of him. It's a reminder of all he has done for me.
Nathaniel Green

Life is strange and incomprehensible. It takes turns at crazy angles sometimes. I was addicted to drugs for three years. I became monstrous, able to do almost anything to get some more stuff. I robbed houses and even trailers when I could grab a chance, without caring that those people were really poor and I was taking their last property, leaving them without a hope of survival. I thought that life was tough and it was the right way to deal with problems. But once I got shot in my back and nearly died. When it was clear that I won't pass away I gave my word to myself to give it up. I started working and bought some clothes after I got my first wages. One of the items was plus size winter coats that I found on It is dear to me as a symbol of the right way to live.
Sam Nowell