Military Jacket

We have a band with my friends. There four of us: my brother, two our friends with whom we study at one and the same college and I. To be perfectly honest, we are quite famous teenage football players in our town. So not only we stand out in a crowd as the college we study at praise us for our success in football but also we like to look good. That's why it was a good idea of my brother to buy together military style jackets on Due to the fact that we purchased it at the wholesale military style jacket it didn't cost us much to buy them and now we look especially cool and in close ranks with my bros.
Hue Jenkins

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Betty Holmes

A Piece Of Advice
Like other people, I have some important problems and little problems in my life. One of such little problems is the question which every girl asks in your life 'What I should wear today? And I am fed up with spending a lot of time in searching the very fashionable things and in standing before a mirror. I even faced this problem when I ordered a military jacket. My problem was the following: I can't to choose the colors, but I visited the web site, where the visitors of this site gave me good advice upon fresh modern tendencies in colors.
Julia Hicks