Fur Coats

All my life I've been a pretty irresponsible person. I never cared about anything, I never thought of what I was going to do, never loved anybody truly. I was just spending money my late uncle left to me. I guess he loved me but I did not realize that. I was only thinking of myself, committing small sins every single day to please my egoistic soul. One day I woke up in the morning and understood that there was no way I survived the way I was. I changed. I really did. I started by being nice to my family, polite to people around and spending less money. I bought fur coat on leathernote.com. I wore it only for a long while. It was one of my first steps to be myself.
Ralph McClark

I've seen things. Many things. Good and bad. I have much experience. I've brought up my children and my grandchildren. I saw death and it was close to me. I was in Vietnam. Have an idea of what the Saigon of 1972 was like. I knew poverty and unemployment. But I'm still alive and not grunting about me fate, but trying to tell people how little they know of how good their lives really are. A thing happened some time ago which made me think hard. I bought cheap fur coats on leathernote.com for my grandson and I thought of how happy I would have been, if I had got such a nice jacket in my teenage years. But his gratitude was not so very impressive. Times have changed...
Robert Quaglion

I think I'm good at picking out stylish clothes. I enjoy going shopping, not that I'm a shopaholic, I just find shopping to be a pleasant pastime. My friends often ask my advice when they have to buy a present or something. I never refuse to help them and usually I hit quite near the mark. Only one time I was puzzled. I had to buy a present for my husband as we were having our tenth anniversary. I had the idea of presenting him with something nice but could not find anything suitable. Then I searched the Internet and found fur coats sale on leathernote.com. I fell for the jacket and purchased it at once. My husband appreciated this gift and now wears constantly.
Monica Gadcliff

My teachers always used to tell me that I would not be successful in life. They didn't get my attitude. Was it because they were so petty they could not understand anything but money and jealousy? Perhaps. Still I've made it, not they. Now they are all grunting old crazy ruins of people and I live my happy life. I have money, I have authority. But I do not forget where I came from. I look like an ordinary person. I bought fur coats sale on leathernote.com and I'm content. It reminds me that I am still a man.
Paul Rattler